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ICS members are professionals in the shipping industry who combine the knowledge gained through study, proven through examination, with a business ethic based on ICS' motto "OUR WORD, OUR BOND" that imparts confidence into the industry worldwide.

Categories Of Membership

There are 5 membership categories:

  1. Member

  2. Fellow

  3. Life Member

  4. Retired

  5. Honorary Fellowship


Membership to the Institute is through Professional Qualifying Examinations (PQE) conducted every year during the months of April and November (select subjects only).

Benefits of Membership


ICS examinations are not just based on the knowledge acquired from books alone. The focus will be on assessing your practical understanding of the subjects. So, as you prepare for the examinations, you will have improved your practical understanding of the subjects. This will enable you to perform better in your job and to progress in your career.


Shipping companies from all over the world have set up offices in the UAE, making this country an important hub of

the shipping industry. The international character of the institute's membership in the UAE provides a great deal of opportunity for networking and career growth. As a student and as a member, you will get to interact closely with professionally educated, qualified, and trusted individuals from the industry.


Using the online membership directory, members can have access to other members of the institute worldwide and can use these contacts in their day-to-day shipping activities.


You will also have the opportunity to attend events and seminars organized by the Institute aimed at continuous professional development. These will help you stay in touch with the latest developments in the industry and will help you understand how these developments will affect your business. All these will help you stay ahead of your non-ICS colleagues. These opportunities will also give you an invaluable edge in your efforts to progress in your career.

  • SHIPPING JOURNAL: As a member, you will receive the ICS journal SHIPPING NETWORK regularly.


You will also be entitled to use the initials MICS after your name. Fellows of the institute are entitled to use the initials FICS after their name and can call themselves CHARTERED SHIPBROKERS. These initials carry a lot of respect in the industry.


Members of ICS Middle East are entitled to discounted rates of membership at the Dubai International Seafarers Centre (aka Seamen’s Club) and at select hotels in Dubai. The branch is constantly working on other benefits for the members.

For additional Member benefits, please see

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