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FAQs - Understanding Shipping Program


1) How do I register for the program?

Please visit our website link  and fill in your details to register for the program.

2) What is the deadline for Cohort registration?

The last day to register is mentioned on each cohort flyer. The admin team can help with the specifics.

3) How can I make the payment for this course?

Upon registration, you'll promptly receive a payment link and instructions for discounts if registered before the early bird deadline. For group discounts, kindly contact ICS Middle East admin team.

4) Would it be possible to receive a tax invoice?

Yes, it is possible. Tax invoices are issued for all transactions of ICS Middle East.  

5) Are experienced professionals eligible to enrol to this program?

Absolutely, experienced professionals are welcome to enrol to the program. Those with over 10 years of experience within the maritime Industry may be eligible for exemptions on certain assessments on a case-to-case basis.

6) When will I get the login ID and password?

Students will get a welcome package via email that consists of the login credentials at least a day before the course. The admin team will closely follow up to ensure this is promptly received.


7) Are these courses self-paced?

Yes, this is self-paced, allowing you to learn at your own convenience. ICS Middle East has a  recommended study plan for the course which will be shared upon registration. The tutor support will be in line with the schedule, however students can chose to do the course at their own pace.

8) How long does each module take?

The course is structured to complete each module including assessment within a week. Some modules may take longer depending on the complexity of the content. The recommended study plan has a few catch up weeks built in to allow for the flexibility.

9) Will the tutor sessions be recorded for future use?

Access to the recording will be limited to students enrolled in that cohort only.

10) How can I connect with my peers beyond the course portal?

There will be a WhatsApp group for the students of the cohort for discussion. You may also meet fellow peers at branch networking events or cohort meet-ups.

11) Will students receive a discount on ICS textbooks?

Students of this program will receive a 5% discount on ICS textbooks while they enrol for understanding shipping course.

12) Can I pursue this program alongside the foundation / advanced diploma?

This program is independent and separate from the foundation / advanced diploma that ICS offers. However, the Understanding Shipping program helps students get a bird’s eye view of the workings of the industry allowing them to specialize through the diplomas more effectively.

13) Is attendance for tutor support mandatory?

No, it's optional. However, tutor support is highly recommended.

14) Is it possible to complete the program ahead of schedule?

Yes, it is possible. However, tutor support will be following the recommended weekly schedule.  

15) As a company, if I want to enrol more than one student, are there group discounts?

Yes, discounts are available for batches of 2 or more. ICS Middle East admin team can provide more information.

16) Is this course suitable for individuals who aren't fluent in English?

The course content is primarily in English and is designed for those proficient in English. However, as the material is online, translation tools such as Google Translate may assist those who require support, when necessary.

17) Is it possible to have more time to finish the course?

The course must be completed within 4 months, and the initial 30-day extension is complimentary. Subsequent extensions will incur a charge of 250 AED per month for a maximum of 2 months.

18) Will there be a tutor available for support?

There will be a tutor who will be available for Questions and Answers arising from the material every week for 2 hours. Registered students may also discuss their queries on the discussion forum available on the portal.

19) Can I complete the course sooner than 4 months?

Yes, you can pace yourself to complete earlier than 4 months.

20) Do we need to follow a sequence while learning the various modules?

While we recommend following the sequential order, candidates are free to choose the order they wish to follow.

21) How are the assessments in the course?

Each module has an assessment built in. Some of them may have a short answer question that needs to be answered and marked by the tutors. A candidate is required to obtain at least 60% in all nine assessments to have completed the course. Each candidate will have two attempts to pass each assessment.

22) What will be the teaching methodology?

It's a program designed for independent study, with weekly access to a tutor for guidance and assistance, allocated for two hours each week.


23) Will I get a diploma upon completion of the Understanding Shipping Program?

All successful candidates who complete the Understanding Shipping Program will get a certificate of Completion from Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers UK.

24) Will I receive both a physical and digital certificate upon course completion?

Upon finishing the course, you will be awarded a certificate from the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers UK, available in both physical and online formats.

25) What will be the certificate value in shipping field?

The value of the certificate stems from opportunities and recognition it offers within the maritime sector, and this is entirely based on the context. From the academic point of view, it shows that the individual has attained a certain level of knowledge in a specific area. This can help potential employers or institutions view this as proof of knowledge. From the career perspective, it could potentially open doors for job opportunities and could significantly add value to professional development and perhaps even securing relevant positions within the company.

Certificate from reputable institution like the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers adds credibility to an individual’s abilities and skill sets.

26) How will my job prospects increase by taking this course?

Upon completion of the course, both newcomers to the industry and established professionals could expect noticeable opportunities in job prospects and a strong industry acumen. We have often observed a trend showing strong need for shipping knowledge and your qualification could potentially give you a competitive edge in your company / domain. Remember, your journey doesn’t end with course completion. Continual learning, upgrading yourself with specific topics that the Institute offers and staying abreast with industry trends could augment your prospects within the industry.

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