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Covid-19 Measures and Guidelines

We would like to share you with the Covid guidelines that are pertaining to the venue. We request you to read through them carefully prior to attending the event. This protocol is in addition to the covid protocol in place by the UAE authorities that needs to be followed at all times.

  1. The hall has been sanitized and disinfected the previous night in preparation for the conference.

  2. All the table covers and seat covers will be changed between the conference and the awards dinner.

  3. The registration process on that day has been planned to be very swift and contactless but if there will be a queue, kindly maintain the social distancing rules and follow ground signage.

  4. Tables are arranged 3 meters apart to comply with social distancing measures. Each table has a capacity of 4 guests only.

  5. No pens and notepads will be provided as per the contactless policy of the venue.

  6. Sanitisers will be available in various places in/near the hall. Guests are encouraged to carry their own sanitisers as a precautionary measure.

  7. Covid 19 protocol signage will be there in various places.

  8. Guests are requested to adhere to safety measures and to wear masks at all times. No entry will be permitted without a mask. Gloves are optional.

  9. Business card exchange is not recommended as per the precautionary guidelines.  

  10. Coffee breaks and lunch/dinner will be served as a buffet, however, the food will be served by DWTC staff.

  11. Guests are requested to maintain social distancing of 2 meters even in the buffet queue.

  12. Guests need to go back to their seats after picking food from the buffet.

  13. Guests are recommended to be seated on their seats from beginning till end to avoid exchanges and to have minimum contact.

  14. Each attendee will be allocated a table number in their final confirmation email. Kindly refrain from changing seats.

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